Before looking at the options for treatment let’s look at what the problem is and what we are trying to achieve in treating it. Throughout our lives our immune systems have killed over 80,000 cancerous cells a day, as well as removing tumors and replacing damaged DNA with new healthy versions.

Then one day, the immune system malfunctions. The cells that normally regulate the body receive faulty instructions, which allow cancerous cells to multiply uncontrollably and seek new destinations where they can form tumors. The immune system has to stop producing these faulty cells and start producing the cells that kill cancerous cells and tumors; but just how do you achieve that?

Treatment Options for Cancer – Chemotherapy

For 80 years the most popular treatment for cancer has been chemotherapy which involves poisoning and destroying the rapidly-growing cancer cells. The problem is, it’s not just the cancer cells it’s poisoning and destroying. Powerful doses of radiation can also have a harmful effect on everything nearby where it burns, scars and damages healthy cells, tissues and organs.

Treatment Options for Cancer – Radiotherapy

Another alternative is radiotherapy which uses high-energy radiation to control or kill malignant cells and treat tumours. Radiotherapy can be used alone, or in combination with chemotherapy (chemoradiotherapy), to treat cancers. With both chemo and radio therapies, patients often suffer from the side-effects, which include hair loss, weakness and nausea. They are both secondary treatments that do not work alone but with anti-cancer drugs or chemotherapeutic agents, intended to cure, extend life or reduce symptoms. These treatments, of course, carry risks of side effects.

Other traditional Treatment Options

The other traditional alternative is to surgically cut the cancer tissue out from the body. This can be a quick way to remove a tumour, but if just some of the cancer tissue remains undiscovered in other parts of the body then it may continue to develop. Surgical operations have their own unique risks which include serious side effects. These most frequently applied forms of cancer therapy all fight the effects of the cancer and not the cause. These therapies can weaken and damage the body which has the effect of suppressing the immune system.

The Future of Cancer Therapy

The good news is that there now exists a viable non-invasive alternative to the radiation drugs or surgeon’s knife, keep reading to find out more about Dendritic Cell Therapy.

What is Dendritic Cell Therapy?

Dendritic cell-based immunotherapeutic approaches have been used in medicine since 2010. Today, DCT is effectively used in the treatment of all types of tumour-based cancer. The procedure involves an initial blood draw. In a specialized laboratory, the cells extracted from the blood are manipulated, which allows them to target the patient’s malignancy. The dendritic cells are then reinjected into the human body in the form of a special vaccine.

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