Cancer treatment is often a long and arduous process, but what if you could use natural methods to help fight the disease?
The good news is that there are alternative treatments available.
What if there was even a way to use your own body’s immune system to fight cancer?

Immunotherapy with Dendritic Cell Therapy

Immunotherapy with Dendritic Cells is one of those treatments. Dendritic Cells are part of the body’s innate immune system. They’re found throughout the body in places like the skin and lymph nodes, where they help fight infection by recognizing foreign invaders like bacteria or viruses.

In 2011, Ralph M. Steinman was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his discovery of the important role of the Dendritic Cell in adaptive immunity.

How does Dendritic Cell Therapy Work

Dendritic Cell immunotherapy uses these immune cells from a patient’s own body to help them fight off cancer cells. The technique involves extracting Dendritic Cells from the patient’s blood, then exposing them to the cancer antigens in order to train the cells to recognize the tumour antigens as unhealthy or dangerous invaders. After this process is completed, doctors reintroduce these trained Dendritic Cells back into their patient’s body where they can seek out any remaining tumor cells and destroy them using their new-found powers! Furthermore, the Dendritic Cells act like “guardians” in the immune system. Once they are able to recognize the specific tumour antigens, they are able to instruct other cells, like the B Cells and the T Cells, to do the same. At this point, the whole immune system of the patient starts fighting against the tumour, creating an incredibly high number of “soldiers” (killer cells) in the body.

In recent years, the medical community has seen an increase in the number of people seeking alternative treatments for cancer. Many people are looking for natural ways to treat cancer, and some have decided that immunotherapy with Dendritic Cells is a viable treatment option.

Alternative Cancer Therapy Available at Immucura

Immucura is one of the few companies around the world that offers the treatment of cancer through Dendritic Cells. The therapy comes in a package, apart from the sole serum application, nutrition is included as well as an all-around therapy to get the patient through difficult emotions that may arise. Immucura also accompanies the patient post-treatment for 6 months.

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