The biological terrain of the cell and its fluid is called the “epigenetic” and it transmits false signals to the healthy genetic material and expresses disturbed portents that sicken the body.
Dendritic cell Therapy can significantly boost the immune system and reestablish the body’s ability to fight tumour cells.


A growing number of medical professionals feel that immunotherapy is the future of cancer treatment. Building upon Nobel Prize winning Dendritic Cell Therapy (DCT) discovery and cancer health, Discover how the biological terrain of cells ensures that they are able to function at optimal health.

Cancer treatment – Our approach

When we think of cancer treatments, we think of methods that focus on the removal of cancerous tissue such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. In a healthy body, cancer cells are eliminated by the immune system, daily. In the case that the immune system is weakened and unable to perform its function, cancer cells can create clusters that will eventually form into tumours.

Immucura understands cancerous tissue as a symptom of cancer disease and therefore, works with Dendritic Cell Therapy (DCT). Dendritic Cell immunotherapy is designed to restore the immune system’s ability to fight tumours.The root cause of cancer from a cell’s viewpoint is carefully examined through this method.

The biological terrain approach and how cancer develops

Cancer is viewed as a malignant tumour and its causes are more metabolic than genetic. Meaning that a deficiency in nutrients, lack of exercise and an abundance of mental stress, and toxic overload creates oxidative stress in the cells of our body.

The biological terrain of the cell and its fluid is called the “epigenetics”. Epigenetic changes are produced by environmental factors, such as chemicals, stress, etc. and even though the changes do not imply alterations in the DNA sequence, it does change how the body reads it.

Therefore, the healthy genetic material gets false signals from the damaged biological terrain and expresses epigenetically disturbed proteins that sicken the body and change the normal function of the cells.

Dendritic Cell Therapy

At Immucura we offer Dendritic Cell Therapy, which through the priming of dendritic cells in the lab, who then instruct NK and T-cells, reestablish the body’s ability to fight tumour cells.

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